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1 in 3 runaway teens will be lured towards sex trafficking within 48 hours of running away.

Molly was once a sweet sixteen year old. She had friends, was pretty good in school, and stayed out of trouble. Until things got out of her control.

It started with the typical arguments with her parents who wanted to know where she was going and who she was hanging out with. Molly felt their curfew was too strict and didn't like that they wouldn't let her wear certain clothes.

It all came to a head one day when Molly stormed out of her parents' house, angry at their refusal to let her go away for the weekend. Molly decided she didn't have to put up with their rules anymore; she was fed up and wasn't coming back.

After couch surfing with some friends for a few days, Molly met Jeremy. She had never met anyone like Jeremy. He was well dressed, took her out for elegant dinners, brought her flowers, and told her how special she was. Molly was sure he was the one she was meant to be with. Jeremy offered her a place to stay so now she really didn't have to go back home.

The first few days were a dream come true. But then Jeremy told Molly she needed to do something to pay for her share of things. All she would have to do was go on a date with a friend of his, pretend she liked him, and come back to Jeremy, who loved her. Molly wasn't sure about this but she didn't want to let Jeremy down and agreed to the date.

The first date wasn't good but it wasn't so bad. The demand to go on more dates increased. Molly didn't feel good about what she was doing but she loved the attention from Jeremy and she was making money of her own.

Molly's not exactly sure when or how things changed. Jeremy told her he still loved her but wanted her to find her own apartment now that she could afford it. The dates got more and more serious, more and more demanding of things she didn't want to do. Molly had ended all contact with her family at Jeremy's insistence. As the dream faded and reality settled in, Molly's opportunities for success dwindled. She dropped out of school and felt like she didn't have any choices left. She fell into a deep depression and felt hopeless about her future.

YOU can give young women like Molly a chance for a better life. With your help, Cascade Youth and Family Center/the LOFT can offer safe shelter and support for victims of child exploitation.

Having a safe place to go is the first step. We are just beginning to understand the needs of trafficked boys and girls; their horrendous experiences require a nurturing, trauma informed response to help them recover. Cascade Youth and Family Center/the LOFT has worked with runaway and homeless youth for over 25 years in Central Oregon, helping them find stability by reuniting them with their families or supporting them to finish school and/or find a job. Your support is needed to make sure this new face of homeless youth doesn't fall through the cracks.

You are helping our qualified and dedicated staff reach some of the most vulnerable youth in our community. Cascade Youth & Family Center/ the LOFT is working closely with other community partners to connect with kids that have been trafficked in our area. This is a growing concern among a number of service providers and Cascade Youth & Family Center/ the LOFT is the program that can work with these youth.

YOU ARE AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE SOLUTION to give youth the opportunity to grow up safe and successful. Your donation to Cascade Youth and Family Center/ the LOFT ensures there is a place for runaway and homeless youth in Central Oregon. Together we can see that kids like Molly have the opportunity to get back on track and succeed in life.

Donate today to stop child trafficking in Central Oregon. Your gift will directly impact the life of a child.

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